September 2011

The Mapleservice Jingle

“The Mapleservice jingle has been a great story.  It’s hard to believe the song is 15 years old.  The first draft, however, was nothing like the jingle we hear today.  That is, the first attempt was all about pipes, trenchless sewer lines, water line repairs, and water heaters.  We even tried to get Humboldt County plumbers and Sonoma County plumbers in the lyrics. Nothing rhymed or made any sense.  It was just weird.  So, we threw it out, and started over.   Truth is, on the second attempt, I personally wrote the words.  I chose to write less about plumbing, and more about Mapleservice, and our history.  The words came easier.  It’s a story I’ve lived my entire life.  Delivering “great service” and “building honesty and trust since 1960”.   Sometimes it can be a little fun to be associated with the jingle.  I often hear from my kids, “dad, my teacher was singing the Mapleservice jingle to me today in class.  Thanks a lot dad.”

Submitted by  Dale Maples, Co-owner

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