July 2012

Sewer Line Inspections, Northern California

“A picture’s worth a thousand words”
A picture, or a video, is worth a thousand words.  That’s very true when comes to your home or property’s main drain line, or sewer line.  Today sewer lines are easily inspectable using a sewer video camera inspection device.  A sewer video inspection camera is exactly that.  It’s a video camera that is inserted into a property’s sewer via a clean-out or prepared opening.  The camera head is sent “downstream” and relays a clear reception back to the video monitor.  At the video monitor the plumber and the customer can see, and make an assessment of the sewer line's condition.  A locator head can also be part of the video assessment.  These heads relay the precise above ground location, via a transmitted signal, of any problem areas.  A thorough and professional inspection can help your plumber and you make the correct decision regarding your sewer line.  If it’s determined that the sewer line is in need of replacement, a trenchless application may work best.  See our October 2011 blog regarding trenchless sewer line replacements.


Submitted by Dale Maples, Owner

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