August 2012

Leak Repair, Northern California

On a recent Sunday afternoon I was walking home from a Sunday church service.  As I was nearing our home I noticed a large amount of water running down the street gutter.  I was a little confused, as it was a perfectly sunny day.  As I got nearer to our home I saw that the water was flowing from our home’s water meter box, located in the sidewalk.  I opened the box to find a cracked water service line. It had a steady and strong stream of water flowing from the crack.
The water service line carries water from the main, located near the street, to the inside of the house.  It is usually located in the front yard.  Sometimes it is located in the side or rear yard.  In older neighborhoods, it can also be located in neighboring yards.  Water service line leaks are not always evident, however, some signs may include:
    The presence of water in the yard or street, as in my case.
    Very low water pressure
    An unexplained, unusually high water usage bill

Property owners are responsible for the water line on the house side of the meter.  If you have any of the characteristics mentioned above it may be time to assess the line for replacement.  In Northern California most older home’s water service lines are of galvanized piping.  With time these lines corrode and crack.  At Mapleservice we regularly replace these older lines with a longer lasting PVC pipe.  In most cases we can have the replacement complete the same day, thus, having minimal effect on the homes water usage.  See the accompanying video.  

Back to my own personal water service line leak.  It turned out to be isolated to the pipe material inside the box.  The line had been installed about 10 years prior, before I bought the home.  It was already PVC.  The crack was likely due to a recent earthquake.  I had it repaired before dinner!

Submitted by Dale Maples, Owner

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