March 2014

Sensible Or Senseless Conservation

I drive a hybrid.  Ford Escape to be exact.  It is possible to drive through town on electricity only.  If I keep it below 20mph, and leave each intersection at a snail’s pace.  Regrettably, I just don’t seem to have that much patience.  However, combined with the dual engine feature, gas and electric, and its already low GPM, I figure I’m saving about $1200.00 per year.  It’s a 2009, so that’s about $5000.00 total. Further, I’m pretty hard on the vehicle, and I’ve had no major maintenance cost.  80,000 miles in 4 years!

Here’s the one drawback.  When you’re stopped for any period of time, the engine will turn off.  It can give you the allusion that you’re ready to exit the vehicle.  Still in drive.  Perhaps this situation could arise while you’re stopped, window rolled down, and conversing with a passerby, or taking a call.  Engine will shut off.  Perhaps, during the conversation or call, you decide to exit the vehicle.  Not it park.  The hybrid will perform like it should, in drive! It may proceed through a store parking lot and be stopped only by the shopping cart corral.  $5000.00 auto body expense later.  There’s goes my $5000 in GPM savings.  That’s my story.  Sensible or senseless.  You decide.