Sensible water conservation

At the Sequoia Park Zoo otter exhibit, our plumber, Josh Conley, designed and installed a system that captures rain water.  The water is captured from the roof, and then drained to a filtered tank.  The water is, then, used for the animals.  Now that's sensible conservation.  Bam!

Legal Contracting 101

In contracting temptations to break the law are frequent. Here’s a short list of what’s required to contract legally:

  • Contractor’s license
  • Contractor’s license bond
  • Worker’s compensation insurance for all employees. 
  • Liability insurance

The greatest temptation for lawlessness, however, is unreported wages. These are wages that are paid directly to workers in cash. Thus, they are undisclosed to agencies that require them to be reported. Those agencies include:

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

How does a service provider measure customer satisfaction? It can be tough. Here’s my rule of thumb. If a person uses your services again, it’s likely they were satisfied. It they go elsewhere, they were not. That’s it. 

We’ve tried everything from fill in the blank mailers to calls to customers for feedback. Some who’ve given us 5 star feedback went elsewhere at times. It’s my claim that if a customer reports satisfaction, yet goes elsewhere next time they were not satisfied enough. 

What’s in a Yelp Rating?

What is a Yelp rating?  It’s the average of all reviews posted by customers.  Customers who regularly write reviews on Yelp are referred to as “yelpers”.  I regularly check our Yelp rating.  At the same time I also check others.

Recycled Toilets?

Are toilets recyclable?  You bet! And, here a MapleService, it’s most definitely one of the “greenest” things we do.  “Green plumbing” that is. At MapleService we remove and replace a lot of toilets.  Several per week in fact.  Toilets are now only available in 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF).  So, that’s step #1 of the green toilet technology.  But, what about that old toilet just removed?

Natural Gas Distribution

Natural Gas.  The fuel that heats our homes, our water, our ranges and dryers.  Every house is different.  Gas distribution is measure in BTUs, or British Thermal Units.  A BTU is measured as the amount of energy needed to heat, or cool, 1 pound of water, by 1degree Fahrenheit.

For plumbers who install natural gas piping systems, the systems are sized by BTU load.  As the BTU load increases, so will the pipe size.  More volume of natural gas requires larger diameter piping.  

Trenchless Sewer Line Saves Old Glory

How far can MapleService go on a trenchless sewer line replacement?  About 150’.  On Good Friday, 2014, Mapleservice installed a 140’ trenchless sewer line at the Humboldt County Veteran’s memorial.  The new sewer line traveled in a trenchless fashion directly beneath 100’ of concrete and, most importantly, directly under the flag pole.  That’s Old Glory.  The flag and pole were undisturbed.

Submitted By Dale Maples, owner

Shop Local?

You here it all the time.  “Shop Local!”  What does it mean?
Shop only at stores located in your community?  Shop only at establishments with local ownership?  Shop in a local “bricks & mortar” store, rather than on-line?  
I invite you to try any of the above.  It’s nearly impossible.  

I guess it depends on how one defines local.  My neighbors, and yours, work for establishments that have their corporate headquarters far away from our communities.  

Sensible Or Senseless Conservation

I drive a hybrid.  Ford Escape to be exact.  It is possible to drive through town on electricity only.  If I keep it below 20mph, and leave each intersection at a snail’s pace.  Regrettably, I just don’t seem to have that much patience.  However, combined with the dual engine feature, gas and electric, and its already low GPM, I figure I’m saving about $1200.00 per year.  It’s a 2009, so that’s about $5000.00 total

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