Plumbing wrap-up comedy

As a business owner, and will multiple projects occuring simultaneously, I'm always inquiring of the status of projects.  I'm always asking our plumbers, "when will you be done?"  Often the reply sounds a little like, "I'm all done, except for wrapping up."  I don't even know wha that means.  But, the video proves my point.  

Root intrusion of sewer line

Here's a perfect video that shows what happens with roots penetrate a sewer line.  

Mapleservice conserves by eliminating use of plastic water bottles

Out with the old and environmentally unfriendly, and in with the new MAPLEService water bottle.  Compliant with OSHA heat illness prevention.  And pretty dang cool.  

Sewer clean-outs

Does your home or property have a sewer clean-out?  If so, where is it located?  Why is a clean-out important?  Watch and learn. 

Running toilet

Is your toilet running?  It's probably the fill valve.  See the photo.  The float on the fill valve moves up and dow,n controlling the water filling the tank.  At times, a worn fill valve's float will cease to rise to the point of "shutting off" the water.  The result is a toilet that constantly fills or "runs".  Fill valves can be tricky to replace, so you may want to call a plumber.  

Plumbing Service Van Dealer recommendation: Jenkins Diesel

Once again, we've added a service van to our fleet of rolling warehouses.  Not just any van, but our rolling warehouse.  And, once again, we've purchased it from Jenkins Diesel.

Part of the community

Is your plumbing company establised?  How much to they contribute to the community?  How long they've been around and how much they contribute to the community is the evidence of their integrity.

Underground Service Alert; Call before you dig

In our company it's common for one of our plumbers to request, "I'm going to need a USA" (Underground Service Alert).  And everyone here knows what that means, and knows the drill.  Translation, we've got an underground plumbing repair that requires a dig.  Usually by an excavator/operator.  The plumber has made an assessment that there are potential underground utiilites present or nearyby.  Here at Maples, we have an on-line USA account that we access.  Once accessed, and the address of the project is provided, a USA number is provided and we are advised to w

Whole House repipe

Watch this video.  A great step by step process on a whole house domestic water repipe.  Using PEX piping.

Toilet drinking fountain

Extreme water conservation.  Wash your hands with the water used for the flush.

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