Shop Local?

You here it all the time.  “Shop Local!”  What does it mean?
Shop only at stores located in your community?  Shop only at establishments with local ownership?  Shop in a local “bricks & mortar” store, rather than on-line?  
I invite you to try any of the above.  It’s nearly impossible.  

I guess it depends on how one defines local.  My neighbors, and yours, work for establishments that have their corporate headquarters far away from our communities.  

Sensible Or Senseless Conservation

I drive a hybrid.  Ford Escape to be exact.  It is possible to drive through town on electricity only.  If I keep it below 20mph, and leave each intersection at a snail’s pace.  Regrettably, I just don’t seem to have that much patience.  However, combined with the dual engine feature, gas and electric, and its already low GPM, I figure I’m saving about $1200.00 per year.  It’s a 2009, so that’s about $5000.00 total

MapleService Answers the Call of the US Navy

During the last week of January 2014, the USS Independence pulled into Humboldt Bay for refueling.   After refueling the Independence returned to open sea off the Coast of Humboldt County.   The Independence, a new prototype war ship, was undergoing extreme maneuvers to test the capability of the vessel.  

Re-thinking Frozen and Burst Water Pipes

In December 2013 the Mapleservice crew serviced a record number of requests.  The overwhelming majority were for frozen and burst water pipes.  This was due to a record number of days below freezing in Northern CA.  The number of requests completely overwhelmed our staff and capacity.  As a result Mapleservice enlisted personnel from it’s sister company, Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating.  Even with the help, we were well beyond capacity.  

Preventing Freezing Water Pipes. Part I

It’s been dipping a bit below 32 degress F, so here’s our top tips to prevent those water pipes from freezing.

1. Disconnect and drain all garden hoses
2. Keep garage doors closed if there are water supply lines in the garage.
3. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing
4. Indentify the location of the main water valve and the valve on your water heater.   (Learning the location of these valves may come in handy during an emergency)

Called to Care

It’s official.  There’s a new Foster Care Support Group in Humboldt County.  It’s “Called To Care”.  MapleService is an advocate for the improvement of Foster Care in Humboldt County.  Called to Care is committed to supporting and mentoring Foster parents.  At Mapleservice we’ve been collecting diapers for “Called to Care”, and we’ve delivered thousands of diapers.  The critical component for Foster children to succeed as adults  is a relationship with a caring adult.  Even better, to be adopted an

Bundle & Save

Bundle and save.  You’ve heard that from insurance companies, wireless companies and satellite companies.  The idea is the more services one purchases from a single company, the more each service is discounted.  As an example insurance companies encourage customers to purchase auto, home and recreational vehicle coverage under one policy.  In return, customers receive discounts on their policies.  At Mapleservice you can, indeed, bundle and save.  Every service purchased after the initial services is offered at a discounted rate, usually around 15% off th

Humboldt County Diaper Drive

The diaper drive for the Humboldt County Foster Parents Association starts today.  For Foster parents the immediate needs of a new foster child are many.  Humboldt County’s local Foster Parent Association helps to resource new foster parents.  They need diapers.   At Mapleservice (Humboldt County) we are collecting diapers.  Sizes 3, 4 & 5.  Disposable.  You can help by donating diapers at our office @ 317 W.

Plumbers Who Care, Humboldt County

MapleService and Foster Care

As a child, did you ever change schools?  That can be a traumatic experience.  For Foster children it’s an everyday possibility.  Add to that not knowing where you’ll sleep next, or where your next meal will come from.  For foster children in Humboldt County these realities can scar a child for life.

Water Line and Sewer Line Separation

Plumbers protect the health of a home.
Specifically, properly trained plumbers protect the health of a home.  Also true, improperly trained plumbers threaten the health of a home.  I was reminded of that today, as I witnessed some of our plumbers replacing the sewer and water lines at a home.  Sewer and water must maintain separation at all times, and especially during replacement.  At the site, proper measures were in place to ensure water line and sewer line separation.  

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