Safe trenching

Have you heard to term "call before you dig" ?  If you're a plumbing service provider this term should be familiar.  Very familiar!  If you're a property owner ask your plumber if he/she is familiar with the term.  If not, it's time to find another plumber.  USA is an organization that provides services to locate and mark underground utilities.  These underground utilities can include natural gas lines, electrical lines, telecommunication lines, etc.

The Sewer Drain Cleaning Machine

Trivia Question:  What activity wears out a sewer drain cleaning machine?

Answer: Using them!

Luckily we've learned our lesson, and keep a large inventory of replacement parts. 

sewer video inspection experts

Sewer video inspection equipment can determine the exact location of a sewer line break, or problem area.  The video monitor shows the situation on the screen, and receives a transmitted signal that locates the area from the surface.  With that, a trained plumber can interpret both and determine 

the appropriate repair or replacement.

Sensible water conservation

At the Sequoia Park Zoo otter exhibit, our plumber, Josh Conley, designed and installed a system that captures rain water.  The water is captured from the roof, and then drained to a filtered tank.  The water is, then, used for the animals.  Now that's sensible conservation.  Bam!

Legal Contracting 101

In contracting temptations to break the law are frequent. Here’s a short list of what’s required to contract legally:

  • Contractor’s license
  • Contractor’s license bond
  • Worker’s compensation insurance for all employees. 
  • Liability insurance

The greatest temptation for lawlessness, however, is unreported wages. These are wages that are paid directly to workers in cash. Thus, they are undisclosed to agencies that require them to be reported. Those agencies include:

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

How does a service provider measure customer satisfaction? It can be tough. Here’s my rule of thumb. If a person uses your services again, it’s likely they were satisfied. It they go elsewhere, they were not. That’s it. 

We’ve tried everything from fill in the blank mailers to calls to customers for feedback. Some who’ve given us 5 star feedback went elsewhere at times. It’s my claim that if a customer reports satisfaction, yet goes elsewhere next time they were not satisfied enough. 

What’s in a Yelp Rating?

What is a Yelp rating?  It’s the average of all reviews posted by customers.  Customers who regularly write reviews on Yelp are referred to as “yelpers”.  I regularly check our Yelp rating.  At the same time I also check others.

Recycled Toilets?

Are toilets recyclable?  You bet! And, here a MapleService, it’s most definitely one of the “greenest” things we do.  “Green plumbing” that is. At MapleService we remove and replace a lot of toilets.  Several per week in fact.  Toilets are now only available in 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF).  So, that’s step #1 of the green toilet technology.  But, what about that old toilet just removed?

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