PEX water piping systems for North Coast homeowners

“When replacing that old galvanized water system, PEX piping is the obvious choice.
PEX water distribution systems are clean, efficient, proven, quiet, reliable and guaranteed.

PEX is clean. PEX is immune to corrosion and mineral buildup.
PEX is efficient.  PEX  retains heat, and resists condensation on cold-water lines.
PEX is proven.  Over 12 billion feet has been installed worldwide.
PEX is quiet.  PEX dampens rushing water noise and eliminates water hammer and singing pipes.
PEX is reliable.  PEX provides a superior and consistent leak-free connection.
PEX is guaranteed. PEX comes with a 25 year guarantee when installed by a certified PEX installer.

At MapleService every plumber is a certified PEX piping installer.  A MapleService plumber can assist you in evaluating your home or property’s water distribution system.”  

Submitted by Dale Maples, Owner

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