Sewer Line Clean-Outs

A sewer cleanout is a capped pipe that rises vertically from the sewer main line to an exposed location on the property,  usually outside.  The clean-out provides access to the main sewer line.  The access allows for inspection or clearing of the line.  And inspection can be performed visually, or with a sewer camera machine that relays a video picture of the sewer line condition (see blog of 7/11/12).  If a clog exists, the cleanout allows access for a drain cleaning machine, also called an auger.  The auger sends a cable with a cutting blade down the line to cut away root intrusion, or other debris.  

Sewer clean-outs are the responsibility of the property owner.  Property owner’s, or tenants should be educated on the location of the clean-outs.  When a blockage occurs, quick access to the clean-out can be critical to relieving the back-up, and preventing property damage caused by an interior overflow. If your home or property does not have a clean-out, or if you’re unsure, call MapleService to have one located or installed.  Think ahead, and prevent an unpleasant flood.

Submitted by Dale Maples, Owner

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Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

“A MapleService trenchless sewer line replacement can make a new sewer line install invisible.  Well, almost invisible.  A trenchless sewer line replacement requires a small excavation near the city connection, and a small excavation up near the home, normally at a clean-out.  The clean-out is a typical sewer entry point used for normal cleaning and maintenance, usually located just next to the house.  From the clean-out, a cable is inserted and ran to the small excavation at the street, attached to a hydraulic “jack” .  Back at the clean-out, the new pipe is connected to the “fed-through cable”.  Then, the hydraulic jack pulls the cable through and, thus, pulls through the new pipe all the way to the jack location.  This procedure is also known as a trenchless “pull”.  The new pipe guarantees no root intrusion.  MapleService offers trenchless sewer line replacement in Humboldt County and Sonoma County.”

Submitted by Dale Maples, co-owner

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