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When PG&E moves your Natural Gas meter. What's Your Responsibilty?

Most homes in Northern California have natural gas service.  The provider is Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E).  What homeowners are responisble for is simple.  That is, all property owners are responsible for installing and maintaining all piping after the PG&E meter.  But here's an exception. Currently, PG&E is busy installing and uprgrading a large amount of their underground (UG) delivery mains.  At times that will require moving the meter on your property for safety concerns.  PG&E may dictate that your meter requires relocation. This will require repiping the part that you own, so it will route to the new meter locaiton.  Here's the good news; when PG&E dictates a meter move, they pay for your piping to be re-routed.  For that part PG&E will use and pay for a plumbing contractor to move your line.  PG&E is concerned about the safety on their natural gas delivery system, and they're doing something about it. 

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