Glossary Term beginning with P


PEXsearch for term

Tubing made from Cross-linked polyethylene. PEX is stronger than PE and is commonly used for radiant floor heat and water supply lines.

Plumbsearch for term

Precisely vertical. Also to perform plumbing work.

Plumbingsearch for term

The system of pipes, fittings, fixtures and other apparatus required for the water supply, heating, and sanitation in a building. The work of installing and maintaining such systems.

Plumbing Treesearch for term

Prefabricated system of drain waste, vent, and water supply lines.

Plumbing Tubingsearch for term

Long hollow cylinder used to convey liquid or gas.

Power Ventingsearch for term

A system with mechanical draft exhaust to outside utilizing room air to support combustion.

Pressure Reducing Valvesearch for term

A valve that reduces water pressure automatically to a specified value at its outlet under static cold water conditions.

Pressure Tanksearch for term

Device used to pump water from a well.

Public Sewersearch for term

The common sewer directly controlled by public authority.

PVCsearch for term

Polyvinyl Chloride. A rigid plastic pipe used in non-pressure systems, such as drainage, waste, and vent systems.