Furnace, Forced Air, HVAC

Repair and replacement of furnaces and air condentioning equipment. 

Evaluation, maintenance, and correction of heating and air duct systems.
90% of CA homes are heated with a Forced Air Unit (FAU) furnace.  Homes in excess of 20 years in age likely have furnaces with 80% efficiency or less.  
Homes with significant age, 30 or more years, likely have furnaces with even less efficiency.  
Today, most furnace installations utilize heating & air equipment with efficiency ratings in excess of 90%.
Efficiency and cost savings are extremely important factors when evaluating your heating and cooling options.  Using efficient heating and cooling products can help by using fewer energy resources.  
As energy costs rise, now is the perfect time to upgrade your home or property’s energy system.  Then start saving every day with a more efficient heating & air system.  
Distribution efficiency
When evaluating your heating & air needs, its important to include the distribution system in the evaluation (duct system).  Leaking ducts will reduce any efficiency rating on the furnace.  Simply, the furnace unit is only as efficient as the duct system. 
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
We spend about 90% of our time every day indoors.  Today’s efficient homes are excellent at conserving energy, but that also makes them better at trapping potentially irritating particles inside the home.  With the rising number of people who suffer from allergies and asthma, indoor air quality has become more and more important to our general health and well-being.  A Mapleservice system will deliver the highest indoor air quality.
A Mapleservice technician can help evaluate your heating and air system, and provide the most cost-effective heating and air solution. 
Efficiency ratings on heating and air units that meet local  building code standards.
Duct distribution testing that reveals a true efficiency.
Ask our customer service representative or your Mapleservice technician about our annual maintenance Service Agreements.  Our maintenance agreements provide the best solution in keeping your system as efficient as possible.  
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