Emergency Service Satisfaction, Eureka

Dear Mapleservice:

On August 27th my hot water faucet to my bathtub lost its rubber washer, due to wear and tear of lots of use.  The faucet needed a brand new washer and Mapleservice is who I called.  Like I mentioned before, it was August 27th around 8pm.  So I had to request the "on call" plumber working that night.  I called and got the recorded message stating that a plumber would return my message within 15 minutes.  Just as requested, my phone range in about 15 minutes and Seth Deaton said he would be right over after his services in Fortuna - he'd call me as he was departing Fortuna.  Just as 8:45pm came around, my phone rang again and Seth said he was on his way.  As he arrived, I welcomed him in my home and explained my issue.  he was very courteous and professional - he fixed the problem - right  away.  My 5 year old son was also enthused with Seth's work and kindness. 

Thanks again,

Jean Chiles