Gas Line, Bodega Bay

August 10, 2009
Mr. Wayne Maples
MapleService Of Santa Rosa, Inc.
327 O’Hair Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Dear Sir:
This is to express my thanks and appreciation for the efficiency and quality of your company’s service in replacing propane gas lines at my home last week. The attitude and knowledgeability of your representative, Adam Engel, were reassuring, and his descriptions of the problem and what was being done to address it made what could have been a nerve – wracking experience very positive and hopeful. His attention to detail and his concern for my personal comfort and welfare during the long hours he worked were impressive and beyond the normal expectation. He is to be commended, as are you for having him as an employee and ambassador of good public relations. Thank you for all of this. I will happily give a reference anytime you wish.
Margaret M. Paull