Sewer Line, Windsor

Maples Plumbing
327 O'Hair Ct, Suit F
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

It would not have happened without YOU!!!!

On behalf of my parents, Mary and Tom Cunningham, I wanted to thank you for your high ethics, excellent service, responsiveness, dependability, expertise, outstanding workmanship and all of your care and compassion!!!!!!!!!!!

Between the beginning of July and mid-December you, and 20+ other companies, contributed significantly to our ability to list and successfully sell Mom and Dad's home of 32+ years! You may recall Mom had fallen and fractured her hip, and Dad had 6 different hospital emergency room admissions between the end of June and November.  Without your gracious, caring, responsive help, and your willingness to quickly resolve our immediate needs- all with a smile and professionalism unparalleled, we would not have been able to successfully sell Mom and Dad's home.  They are now happily settled in a wonderful independent living apartment, and even took their 14 year old Border Collie with them :-)

None of this would have been possible without you!!!!  My husband and I are immeasurably thankful and appreciative for people like you- thank you, thank you!!!  If we can ever assist you in any way, we would welcome the opportunity to return your gracious assistance.  I've included a list of all recipients of this letter since I thought each of you would appreciate knowing other wonderful people like yourselves.  You are a powerful community of fabulous businesses and genuinely delightful people :-)

Thank you again- and may 2012 be a wonderful, successful year for you!

Kind Regards,
Jan and Richard Schultz