Tankless Water Heater, Petaluma


To the Maples Family,

On Friday evening, April 18, 2014, out tankless water heater quit working. Because of the hour, we did not originate and calls for help then. On Saturday, we started calling several plumbing contractors to see whom we could get to look at our unit and get it working again. Some outfits flat told us that they don't service tankless heaters and others failed to return our calls in a timely manner. 

In desperation, I called your company and the answering service listened to my tale of woes and then took it upon themselves to connect me to Calvin Tripp, who was out and working under some customer's home. I didn't know that at the time of this call. Calvin was straight up and honest with us and advised us that he couldn't get service parts if he needed them until Monday and why spend the money to have him come down there only to not be able to really do anything at that time. He asked that we call back early Monday so that we could then get him scheduled to come down and deal with our problem. 

On Monday, I was up early to make the call when before I could dial, Calvin was calling me letting me know he was moments away. Although apparently on his day off, Calvin took it upon himself to make the trip down here and be here actually before I could even call for him to come here. Upon his arrival, he inspected the defunct water heater, found several major issues with it that we had no idea about and then, because of the age of the unit, advised us that he was very skeptical about being able to even find any parts for it. Calvin then prepared an estimate, advising us that he could start work immediately if we wanted but because of the finances involved we had to discuss how we were going to manage the expense. Calvin departed and we got down to resolving how to deal with this situation. After much agonizing minutes of reviewing our financial situation, the decision was made to proceed with the change out. 

A phone call to your company and Whitney answered the phone. She was most cooperative in working with us in scheduling Calvin's return and left us with a very positive feeling about Maples. 

Wednesday morning, before 8 AM and Whitney called us to say that Calvin was on his way. Calvin arrived just before 8 AM and immediately went to work. When he had finished his work, it was one of the most sanitary jobs we have ever seen and it was done beyond what we had imagined basically meeting code(s) and beyond. Although not in-expensive, definitely worth every penny.

Please check Yelp for our write-up. Also know that the local plumbers we have had in the past for 45 years, will no longer be contacted and your company will now get our business from now on. Do whatever it takes to keep Calvin happy because he is one heck of an asset to your company as is Whitney too.

Sincerely yours,

Scott & Dee Waterman