April 2014

Natural Gas Distribution

Natural Gas.  The fuel that heats our homes, our water, our ranges and dryers.  Every house is different.  Gas distribution is measure in BTUs, or British Thermal Units.  A BTU is measured as the amount of energy needed to heat, or cool, 1 pound of water, by 1degree Fahrenheit.

For plumbers who install natural gas piping systems, the systems are sized by BTU load.  As the BTU load increases, so will the pipe size.  More volume of natural gas requires larger diameter piping.  

So, it’s important to utilize a trained, or certified, plumber who is knowledgeable in proper BTU loads and the associated piping requirements.  If not sized properly, natural gas appliances will starve for fuel and not work properly.  Or not work at all.

Submitted By Dale Maples, Owner

Trenchless Sewer Line Saves Old Glory

How far can MapleService go on a trenchless sewer line replacement?  About 150’.  On Good Friday, 2014, Mapleservice installed a 140’ trenchless sewer line at the Humboldt County Veteran’s memorial.  The new sewer line traveled in a trenchless fashion directly beneath 100’ of concrete and, most importantly, directly under the flag pole.  That’s Old Glory.  The flag and pole were undisturbed.

Submitted By Dale Maples, owner

Shop Local?

You here it all the time.  “Shop Local!”  What does it mean?
Shop only at stores located in your community?  Shop only at establishments with local ownership?  Shop in a local “bricks & mortar” store, rather than on-line?  
I invite you to try any of the above.  It’s nearly impossible.  

I guess it depends on how one defines local.  My neighbors, and yours, work for establishments that have their corporate headquarters far away from our communities.  

For me, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I compete in a global economy.  Even as a plumber.  Imagine that.  A good portion of plumbing service companies are franchises with governing offices located elsewhere.  However, their employees live and transact at the same establishments where we all transact.  Their kids go to school with mine, and yours.  

What’s one to do?

I think we all know the answer.  Strive to be a better value than the competition, no matter the address of the ownership.  My guess is, in the end, that’s where the market will go.  So we’d best be there when it arrives.

Submitted By Dale Maples, Owner