The Correct Reasoning for Choosing a Tankless Water Heater

“I just didn’t appreciate our tankless water heater until I showered while visiting my sister.  At my sister’s house I ran out of hot water.  The next person showering had to wait for the hot water to recover.”  That was a recent comment from my wife, Jill. Jill and I have 5 children, so hot water is critical.  It’s also the most sound reason for choosing a tankless water heater.  The hot water is definitely “endless”.  At MapleService our plumbers will state the fact of endless hot water as the primary reason.  Second, the tankless models save space.  That is, they are 80% smaller than the standard storage models.  So, homeowners can increase a home’s effective square footage.  For these two reasons, primarily, the Maples home has a tankless water heater.  

At the risk of stepping on some of the “green religion”, tankless water heaters are less “green” than what has been stated, both locally and nationally.  That is, the payback can be as long as 20 years, and likely not less than 8 years.  Following the math, tankless installs average around $1500 more than a storage install.  Using my home as an example, our monthly average of natural gas usage is $80.00, of which $50.00 is our tankless water heater.  At best, a tankless operates at a 25% savings when compared to storage, or, in my case a savings of around $16 per month, or a payback of nearly 8 years.  Further, because our home has very high usage, our savings would be at the high end.  The average Northern California home hot water usage could be less than half ours, or a savings of less than $8 per month, or a payback of 15 years.  Lastly, endless hot water capacity simply encourages more hot water consumption.  Not exactly green.  

So, for sure, the best reason for a tankless water heater install is the endless supply of hot water.  All of our MapleService plumbers can you help you make the right choice for your home or property.  Simply call, and we’ll send a plumber.  He’ll make the assessment at your property and, upon your approval, have the water heater delivered and installed the same day.  Easy."

Submitted by Dale Maples, co-owner

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