Sewer & Drain

Sewer and Drain

All excess water or waste from a household is considered drain water.  Solids are black water, and non-solids are grey water.  Once used, all drain water immediately enters the household drainage disposal piping system.  As it exits the household drainage system, it enters the property sewer system.


What is a clean-out, and when do I need one installed?

A clean-out is just that, a point of entry that allows for easy periodic “cleaning out” and maintenance of your sewer line system.  Typically they are a riser pipe that travels to ground level from your main sewer line, and are located at or near the exit point of a property drainage line.  Without a clean-out, other means of cleaning access must be utilized.

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How do I know if a sewer line problem is my responsibility or the municipality’s responsibility?

A sewer line is similar to your water main when determining responsibility.  If the problem is determined to be within an owner’s boundary, it becomes the owner’s responsibility to remedy.  A Mapleservice plumber can assist in determining responsibility.

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