Sonoma County Water Conservation

What’s the largest water consumer in the average home?  It’s the bathroom, hands down.  Indeed, bathrooms account for more than half of all the water that families use indoors.  So, it makes perfect sense, even WaterSense, to begin water conservation in the bathroom.  Recent advances in plumbing technology and design mean that faucets, showers, and toilets can use significantly less water than standard models while still delivering the rinse, spray, and flush you expect.  Faucets that meet the EPA water saving standard receive the EPA’s “WaterSense” label.  Ask your plumber about EPA “WaterSense” rated faucets.  

Why save water?  Because it’s our most precious natural resource, and because at least two-thirds of the United States have experienced or are bracing for local, or statewide water shortages.  The savings with “WaterSense” add up quickly.  If one in every 10 American homes upgrades a full bathroom with “WaterSense” labeled fixtures, we could save about 74 billion gallons of water nationwide per year.  

Water conservation makes WaterSense.

Submitted by Dale Maples, Owner

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