dial 811

Underground Service Alert; Call before you dig

In our company it's common for one of our plumbers to request, "I'm going to need a USA" (Underground Service Alert).  And everyone here knows what that means, and knows the drill.  Translation, we've got an underground plumbing repair that requires a dig.  Usually by an excavator/operator.  The plumber has made an assessment that there are potential underground utiilites present or nearyby.  Here at Maples, we have an on-line USA account that we access.  Once accessed, and the address of the project is provided, a USA number is provided and we are advised to wait 48 hours minimum for receipt of a confirmation that the area has been marked.  The markings will show the presence of underground utilities.  This allows our plumber to make the repair while avoiding or damaging underground utilities.  Underground utilities include telephone, fiber optics, natural gas mains, cable TV, etc.  Striking or damaging one of these lines is both costly and dangerous.  "Call before you Dig" .  Simply dial 811.

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