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June 2015 plumbing tip. Drain clog first line of Defense

The strainer is your first line of defense for keeping your drains clog free.  A large majority of residential drain clogs are due to hair getting into the drain.  The stainer, as pictured here, will do a pretty good job of capturing the hair before it enters the drain.  These strainers. for tubs and showers can be purchased for around a $1 at your local hardware store.  Even cheaper, your plumber will likely have a few laying around in his/her van.  If you ask, he or she will likely give you one for free.  A cheap investment that prevents having to clear the drain.  If you do need to clear the drain, see our plumbing tip blog from November 11th,  2014, "shower drain cleaning made easy"


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Here's a tip that can keep your kitchen drain smelling fresh and clean.

Do you ever get a "whiff" of your kitchen drian?  It can kinda make you plug your nose.  Here's our plumbing tip for December 2014 to help keep your kitchen drain smelling fresh and clean. 

1. Peel yourself an orange.

2. Once peeled, send your orange peels down the disposal.

3. Your drains will smell fresh and clean.

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Shower drain cleaning made easy

Here's a great tip for a simple shower drain cleaning.  Shower drain clogs are usually a result of hair in the drain, and it will stop up the drain like a cork.  Here's what you can do.   You'll need to remove the screws and drain cover, then:

1. Take a simple screw driver (flat preferred), and an old toothbrush.  Tape them together as shown.  Be liberal with the tape, as you want it to hold.

2. Place the toothbrush end down the drain until it stops as shown.  This is likely where the hair has collected, at the "U" in the trap.

3. Turn the screwdriver slowly, counter or clockwise.  Serveral turns.  The hair will be caught in the brush brissles.

4. Slowly pull the screwdriver out.  The hair will come out attached to the brush. 

5. Drain clean.  Money saved.

6. Save the tool, you'll need again. 

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Sewer Line Clean-Outs

A sewer cleanout is a capped pipe that rises vertically from the sewer main line to an exposed location on the property,  usually outside.  The clean-out provides access to the main sewer line.  The access allows for inspection or clearing of the line.  And inspection can be performed visually, or with a sewer camera machine that relays a video picture of the sewer line condition (see blog of 7/11/12).  If a clog exists, the cleanout allows access for a drain cleaning machine, also called an auger.  The auger sends a cable with a cutting blade down the line to cut away root intrusion, or other debris.  

Sewer clean-outs are the responsibility of the property owner.  Property owner’s, or tenants should be educated on the location of the clean-outs.  When a blockage occurs, quick access to the clean-out can be critical to relieving the back-up, and preventing property damage caused by an interior overflow. If your home or property does not have a clean-out, or if you’re unsure, call MapleService to have one located or installed.  Think ahead, and prevent an unpleasant flood.

Submitted by Dale Maples, Owner

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