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Radiant Heat and endless hot water

Radiant heat is the most comfortable heat.  Typically, it is installed as a warm floor.  Hot water is heated via a boiler, and circulates through the floor, heating the floor.  Then, the floor radiates the heat upward, warming the home.  For advanced efficiency, add an indirect-fired water heater to heat the domestic water.  Matching a high efficient boiler with an indirect-fired water heater will deliver virtually limitless hot water for bathing, laundry, dishwashing and cooking at a lower operating cost compared to most other alternatives.  When installed as a combination unit, you'll have the most efficient and comfortable heat.  And hot water at twice the peak flow of a tankless.  The photo here shows the boiler and indirect water heater installed in combination. A recent install by Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating. Win! Win!

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Residential Fire Sprinkler

Commencing on January 1, 2011 all new homes are required to have a fire sprinkler system.  The new code requirement was met with some confusion, as most local building departments had not yet completed their plan check procedures.  In these cases, builders looked to their plumbing and fire sprinkler sub-contractors for assistance.  

At Wayne Maples Plumbing and Heating, and Mapleservice we launched our “aqua-safe” residential fire sprinkler design.  Working closely with building departments and officials the aqua-safe residential fire sprinkler system proved an immediate and preferred solution. The benefits of the aqua-safe system are:
    1. It’s looped with the domestic water resulting in frequent flow
    2. Frequent flow eliminates the backflow prevention installation requirement due to stagnation.
    4. No annual testing of  backflow prevention devices.
    5. The installed heads are not invasive to residential designs

Aquasafe systems are a PEX piping system, and are designed by Uponor.  Uponor is the leader in the manufacturing of PEX piping and fittings.

Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating is a licensed plumbing subcontractor, and a licensed fire sprinkler contractor.  Both license classifications are required to install the aqua safe system. 

Submitted by Dale Maples, Owner

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Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

“A MapleService trenchless sewer line replacement can make a new sewer line install invisible.  Well, almost invisible.  A trenchless sewer line replacement requires a small excavation near the city connection, and a small excavation up near the home, normally at a clean-out.  The clean-out is a typical sewer entry point used for normal cleaning and maintenance, usually located just next to the house.  From the clean-out, a cable is inserted and ran to the small excavation at the street, attached to a hydraulic “jack” .  Back at the clean-out, the new pipe is connected to the “fed-through cable”.  Then, the hydraulic jack pulls the cable through and, thus, pulls through the new pipe all the way to the jack location.  This procedure is also known as a trenchless “pull”.  The new pipe guarantees no root intrusion.  MapleService offers trenchless sewer line replacement in Humboldt County and Sonoma County.”

Submitted by Dale Maples, co-owner

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The Mapleservice Jingle

“The Mapleservice jingle has been a great story.  It’s hard to believe the song is 15 years old.  The first draft, however, was nothing like the jingle we hear today.  That is, the first attempt was all about pipes, trenchless sewer lines, water line repairs, and water heaters.  We even tried to get Humboldt County plumbers and Sonoma County plumbers in the lyrics. Nothing rhymed or made any sense.  It was just weird.  So, we threw it out, and started over.   Truth is, on the second attempt, I personally wrote the words.  I chose to write less about plumbing, and more about Mapleservice, and our history.  The words came easier.  It’s a story I’ve lived my entire life.  Delivering “great service” and “building honesty and trust since 1960”.   Sometimes it can be a little fun to be associated with the jingle.  I often hear from my kids, “dad, my teacher was singing the Mapleservice jingle to me today in class.  Thanks a lot dad.”

Submitted by  Dale Maples, Co-owner

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