Major water leak becomes a geyser

Major water leaks require immediate attention by qualified plumbers.  Make sure your plumber is able to do both.  Here's an example of what qualifies as needing  both.  Response within the hour.  Relationship with local water districits. Qualified personnel.  Appropriate equipment. 

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landscape protection and a sewer line install

Need to replace that old, clay sewer line but your concerned about protecting your lanscaping?  Alot of the time  a trenchless sewer line can be installed and your yard will be saved the large trench in the yard.  There are times, however, when a trenchless line is not a possible option.  When that happens you need the right equipment.  Many companies have very small excavators that dig straight and precise trenches, without creating a large footprint.  When you choose a plumbing company for your new sewer line, be sure they are prepared for all circumstances.  Especially protecting your landscape.  See the photo. Like we were never there.   

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