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The Super Plumbing Van

Does you plumber spend too much time running back and forth to the plumbing supply house.  Who pays for that?  You do! Make sure your plumbers stays on the job, saving you money.  Staying on the job with everything you need requires the super plumbing van.  Take a look.  Then, we put it into the hands of a trained, tested and certified plumber.

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The plumber is the product

The most important criteria when choosing a plumbing company is the standard by which they are trained.  For sure, anyone can supply plumbing material.  However, not everyone meets appropriate standards of training.  Remember, the plumber, in many cases, represents a safe and sanitary decision.  Choose wisely.  For a great example of good training criteria, watch the attached video. 

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Plumbing Truck Stolen

We had a plumbing truck stolen from our Eureka location last week. Who steals a plumbing truck?  With large company name signs on every side?  I'm not sure, but our FB posts about the theft had the furthest reach of any FB historical post.  Since we got the truck returned the next day unscathed, considering the far reaching FB post, it was almost worth the hastle.  We got alot of comments.  Mostly about the place we call home and the deteriorating climate.  I'm not referring to the weather, as that has improved.  Well, this week anyway with record temps.  No, the climate I'm referring to is crime and safety related.  Indeed, some of the comments were from past community members who've left the northcoast for greener pastures.  Mostly, those comments suggested those of us remaining do likewise. Here's my take.  No way, I'm staying.  Sure, we've got our issues and, perhaps, they're a bit worse than other areas.  But this place is worth fighting for.  Be an engaged community member.  Be a great employer.  Be an involved parent within our local school systems.  Our local problems are not a reason to leave.  Rather, they are a reason to stay.  

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When PG&E moves your Natural Gas meter. What's Your Responsibilty?

Most homes in Northern California have natural gas service.  The provider is Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E).  What homeowners are responisble for is simple.  That is, all property owners are responsible for installing and maintaining all piping after the PG&E meter.  But here's an exception. Currently, PG&E is busy installing and uprgrading a large amount of their underground (UG) delivery mains.  At times that will require moving the meter on your property for safety concerns.  PG&E may dictate that your meter requires relocation. This will require repiping the part that you own, so it will route to the new meter locaiton.  Here's the good news; when PG&E dictates a meter move, they pay for your piping to be re-routed.  For that part PG&E will use and pay for a plumbing contractor to move your line.  PG&E is concerned about the safety on their natural gas delivery system, and they're doing something about it. 

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It doesn't flow uphill

As our founder Wayne Maples always said, *&^%$ doesn't flow uphill.  So, in honor of national tape measure day, know that plumbers live by the tape measure.  Or in plumbing terms, by "grade".  Grade is the slope applied to the drains below your home, or your property's sewer line to the street.  A proper drain system below your home should have a minimum downward grade of 1" every 4'.  Most levels will show that slope as a 1/4 bubble. 

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Water Conservation 101

Here's the best water conservation tip.  Repair or replace at risk water piping or water distribution systems.  No amount of water conservation measures can overcome a leaking or burst domestic water pipe.  If you have a home built before 1965, and your water distribution system has not been replaced,  it is likely to be aged galvanized steel pipe.  That's the exact system that could deplete all your conservation efforts.  In this extended dry spell initiate real conservation.  Have your water distribtution system inspected by a real plumber.  Then, if necessary, replace and CONSERVE!

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June 2015 plumbing tip. Drain clog first line of Defense

The strainer is your first line of defense for keeping your drains clog free.  A large majority of residential drain clogs are due to hair getting into the drain.  The stainer, as pictured here, will do a pretty good job of capturing the hair before it enters the drain.  These strainers. for tubs and showers can be purchased for around a $1 at your local hardware store.  Even cheaper, your plumber will likely have a few laying around in his/her van.  If you ask, he or she will likely give you one for free.  A cheap investment that prevents having to clear the drain.  If you do need to clear the drain, see our plumbing tip blog from November 11th,  2014, "shower drain cleaning made easy"


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