About Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating

Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating is one of Northern California’s most accomplished plumbing & heating companies. Our plumbing & mechanical experience and capacity include:
•    LEED projects
•    Municipal treatment facilities
•    Large Hospital / Healthcare / Medical Gas
•    Public schools, Universities / new and retro-fit
•    Mechanical Boiler / mechanical hot water piping


       •    County facilities / Institutional
       •    Retail / Grocery
       •    Motels/ Inns/Mulit-family
       •    Custom Residential
       •    Plumbing Design and Coordination
       •    Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation

Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating operates from Eureka, CA.  We are Humboldt and Del Norte County’s largest plumbing & heating sub-contractor.  We’ve acquired our reputation from over 50 years of delivering the highest level of plumbing & heating skilled professional plumbers.  

At Maples our most valuable resource is our crew of plumbers.  Each is dedicated to the goal of providing results for our general contractors, developers and builders.  “We operate like a family”, says co-owner Dale Maples. That part of our identity was recently highlighted in the 2010 spring addition of American Builder’s quarterly, at trade publication.

Co-owner Rodney Maples sums up our longevity, “It’s easy to go in business, staying in business is the challenge.  You can do that for 50 years and beyond by delivering.”

In Northern California general contractors and developers choose Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating.