Commercial / Private

Commercial / Private
Retailers, Grocery, & Wineries

Plumbing, mechanical and site utilities installations on commercial retailers, grocery, and  restaurants.

Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating has an unequaled resume of performance on retail, grocery and restaurant projects.  Our knowledge and skill base has enabled our crew(s) to perform on the most difficult of new, retro-fit, remodel, and tenant improvement commercial and retail projects. Most recently, our capacity has grown to include the emerging winery and casino

Wayne Maples Plumbing has completed plumbing, mechanical and site utilities on the following
•    Robert Mondavi Winery
•    Casinos:
          -Blue Lake Casino
          -Bear River Casino
          -Cherae Heights Casino
•    Starbucks
          -Eureka, CA (3 locations)
          -McKinleyville, CA
•    Safeway
          -McKinleyville, CA (new store)
          -Santa Rosa, CA (remodel)
          -Napa, CA (remodel)
•    WINCO foods
          -Eureka, CA  (new store)
•    Target
          -Eureka, CA  (new store)
•    Walgreens
          -Eureka, CA (new store)
          -Crescent City, CA (new store)
          -Fortuna, CA  (new store)
•    Rite Aid
          -McKinleyville, CA (new store)
          -Eureka, CA (retro-fit/ new store)
•    Radio Shack
          -Novata, CA (Tennant Improvement)
•    Borders
          -Eureka, CA  (New store, Tennant Improvement)
•    Bed, Bath & Beyond
          -Eureka, CA  (New store, Tennant Improvement)
•    Pier 1 Imports
          -Eureka, CA  (New store, Tennant Improvement)
•    Kohls
          -Eureka, CA (New store, Tennant Improvement)
•    Costco
          -Eureka, CA (new store
          -Eureka, CA (remodel/addition)
          -Santa Rosa, CA  (remodel/addition)
          -San Leandor, CA  (remodel/addition)
•    Michaels
          -Eureka, CA  (new store, tenant improvement)
•    Blockbuster
          -Eureka, CA  2 locations (new store/tenant improvement)
•    North Coast Co-op
          -Arcata, CA  (new store)
          -Eureka, CA  ( new store)
•    Wal-Mart
          -Crescent, CA (remodel)
          -Crescent, CA (addition)
•    Fed-ex
          -Arcata (new facitliy)
•    Burger King
          -Eureka, CA (remodel)
•    McDonalds
          -Eureka, CA (remodel)
          -Arcata, CA (remodel)
          -McKinleyville (new store, remodel)

 Commercial plumbing & mechanical systems are subject to heavy usage and ware.  It is critical that they be installed with the highest amount of skill. At Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating our commercial clients get what they pay for.  A skilled and professional plumbing & mechanical installation that stand the test of time.