Sewage Treatment & Pollution Control Facilities

Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating has a proven reputation for sewage treatment and pollution control facilities on California’s north coast.  Our internal skill and knowledge are the core values that make Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating the clear choice for general contractors and local municipalities when modernizing treatment facilities.

Within the last 5 years Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating has contracted on the following treatment facilities:

                                                      Fortuna Waste Water Treatment
Contractor: Wahlund Construction
Crescent Pollution Control Facility

Contractor: Wahlund Construction
Ferndale Waste Water Treatment

Contractor:  Wahlund Construction
Redway Water Treatment Facility

Contractor:  Mercer Frasier
Loleta Water Water Treatment Facility

Contractor:  Mercer Frasier

The plumber protects the health of the nation.  At Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating we take that charge seriously.  Sanitary and safe wastewater and domestic water treatment are at the forefront of that mission, and it represents a large part our capacity.  Further, we’re intentional about continuing to acquire the ever-changing piping technology, knowledge and skill around safe waste water treatment and pollution control.

In Northern California municipalities have been rely on Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating for wastewater treatment and pollution control.