Gas Fired Boilers

Many CA homes and commercial properties are heated with a gas-fired boiler.  This type of heat uses heated water that is radiated throughout the home our business.  The heated water is radiated in various mediums that include:

Heated concrete floor
Heated floor material; warmboard, heat-transfer plates
Heated wall mount or floor mount baseboards
Heated radiators (found in older homes)
All are heated via a hot water boiler that circulates the hot water through the radiating medium.
Like Furnaces, gas-fired boilers have significantly improved efficiency ratings.  New boilers are available with efficiency ratings as high as 95%.  Older boilers can have efficiency ratings as low as 50%.  
Efficiency and cost savings are extremely important factors when evaluating your heating and cooling options.  Using efficient heating and cooling products can help by using fewer energy resources.  As energy cost rise, now is the perfect time to upgrade your home or property’s energy system.  Then start saving every day with a more efficient heating & cooling system.
Distribution efficiency:
When evaluating your heating and cooling needs its important to include the distribution system in the evaluation.  Hot water heated properties have a hot water piping distribution system.  Leaking hot water piping systems will reduce the efficiency rating on any new or existing boiler.  
Commercial and Residential New Boilers:
Constructed of highly durable components, our high efficiency gas boilers deliver quiet, consistent warmth.  A variety of models are available to meet your specific residential and commercial heating needs.  
Our models range from 82% to 96% efficient.  
Models that modulate according to demand.
Mapleservice technicians are certified boiler installation and maintenance experts
Properly sized for your application
Ask our customer service representative or your Mapleservice technician about our annual maintenance Service Agreements.  Our maintenance agreements provide the best solution in keeping your system as efficient as possible.