Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Radiant floor heating is a comfortable and efficient form of heating where warm water circulates through flexible, specially designed Uponor PEX tubing installed under the floor.  The heat radiates evenly up through the floor warming people and objects in the room and providing more comfort for less money.   

Radiant floor heating provides total comfort for your home or remodeling project.  At Mapleservice we use radiant floor comfort system components from Uponor, the recognized industry leader.  
Our customers tell us they will never live in another home that doesn’t use radiant heat.  Installing radiant heating increases your investment and home value when compared to conventional force-air heat.  Unmatched living comfort plus significant dividends when you sell your home.
A Mapleservice radiant floor is:
Homeowner friendly.  Too often installers encourage overly complex systems, resulting in homeowner confusion and needless maintenance.
Comfortable and Even.  The heat radiates up from the floor, and is evenly distributed throughout the home.  
Mapleservice radiant floor systems include:
Warmboard: In cooperation with a general contractor, warmboard is designed specifically as the home sub-floor.  It is pre-grooved and covered with a heat transfer coating, and designed for each home specifically.
Concrete floor:  In cooperation with the general contractor, the radiant system is installed within the concrete floor.  This creates an excellent critical mass that heats the home evenly.  
Therma-floor:  In cooperation with the general contractor, a “lightweight concrete pour” is performed over a radiant tubing system.  The radiant tubing heats this “therma-floor, thus heating the home.  
Mapleservice radiant floors utilize a boiler system to  heat the water.
85%  to 95% efficient boilers.  Depending on the size of your installation, and the size of your budget, Mapleservice can help determine the appropriate heating source for your system.  
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