Speed and effiiency

Dear Sir:

I have been using your company for over 20 years to solve my plumbing problems.  During that period, I have been very satisfied with the work that was done.  I have never before felt compelled to comment on the work of one of your employees --- until now.  
I first met David Webb in April of this year when he arrived to fix a leak in an old copper line under our house. I was impressed by his speed and efficiency so much that I asked him to give me a bid to replace the old copper lines.  He has just completed doing this job and he again impressed me with the intelligent way he went about it.  He planned the job in such a way that it caused me minimal inconvenience --- the water was turned off for only a short period of time as he did all the layout work first.  Afterword I discovered he was still recovering from surgery on his knee.  He never brought it up --- I saw him grimacing in pain when he was finished and I asked him about it.  I have crawled around under my house  a lot over the years and I know how hard the compacted ground is down there.  I cannot imaging how someone could do that with a sore knee.  
I thought you should know the kind of employee you have in David.  I suspect you already know this, but now I offer my confirmation.  Thank you for all the good help over the years!
Best regards,