Plumbing Experience Defined

How many plumbing company's have been around longer that 50 years?  40 years?  Or even 10 years?  Here's another question; how many employees have been with the same plumbing company, or any company, for longer than 10 years?  To  become a certified journeyman plumber, as defined by the United Association, requires 10000 hours of on the job training as apprentice.  Here at the Maples plumbing company, in Eureka,CA, we have both.  Most of our plumbers have been here longer than 10 years, and most have completed the 10000 hours of training to become a journeyman.  Oh, and by way, we are in our 57th year.  In the photo are our founder, Wayne Maples, and 44 year employee Tiny Hubler.  Both retired, but a photo that is the definition of experience.  


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