Crystal Clear Over Communication or CCOC

As plumbing contractors we often assume our customer's know what we're talking about.  They don't.  It's our job to communicate clearly and often.  Crystal Clear Over Communication is a phrase that can be attributed to Jami Kaeb from "The Forgotten Initiative", a national non-profit that works to connect the needs of foster care communities with local churches.  But the idea is important in the business sector as well. And here at Mapleservice we are always working to be sure we are communicating clearly with our customers.  Often during a plumbing project circumstances can change multiple times in just one day.  We must keep the customer informed about the impacts all along the way, and in a language that they can understand.  These forms of communication should include cost, time frame and if the solution is temporary or permanent to name a few.  Customer service can be defined as Crystal Clear Over Communication + Professional Courtesy = Customer Service.  This crew pictured gets it!