Quite Amazing

Dear Mr. Maples:
I received a call from the Humboldt Community Services District on my way to work on the morning of 4/14//17 at which time they told me that I had used a tremendous amount of water, which indicated to them a leak a a water line.  My alternative decision were 1) turn the water off, or 2) repair it.  I needed the water service restored quickly, because I can't live in a house without water.  I called you company and spoke to Tina explaining my problem.  She expedited the response to my problem by arranging to have a plumber appear at my home on the afternoon of my call.  Billy was the responding plumber who quickly identified the problem and made the repairs completely and professionally.  He left the work site without a trace that he'd worked there.  Quite amazing!  I bring this matter to your attention, for you have two very good and capable employees working for you in the persons of Tina and Billy.  I appreciate your MapleService!