Water Saving Toilets, Faucets, Tubs, Showers & Sinks

Green and sustainability are not words we take lightly.  At MapleService we realize everything we do has a dramatic impact on the future, and we’re committed to making that future a better place.  Conserving without compromise.

“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.”
-Benjamin Franklin

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”
-Loren C. Eiseley

“We’re not running out of water.  We’re running out of fresh water.”  
-Dr. Kerstin Leitner, World Health Organization


HET is short for High-Efficiency Toilet.  Installing a 1.28-gallon HET saves up to 16,500 gallons of water each year over less efficient toilets found in more than half the homes in the U.S.  That’s per toilet!  What’s more, you won’t sacrifice when it comes to flushing.  From Mapleservice, you’ll receive toilets with the flushing technology to do the job!
When choosing a MapleService new faucet installation, you’ll be choosing a faucet that meets U.S. “WaterSense” standards.  Also known as eco-performance faucets, MapleService can assist in reducing your water consumption by 30% from industry standards.
At MapleService we go beyond simply saving water.  We’re committed to developing the perfect balance: installing faucets that deliver an efficient flow rate while delivering a high level of performance.  A MapleService plumber can assist in making the best selection for your application.



Whether you’re choosing a bathtub or shower for a newly constructed bathroom or replacing one in an existing bathroom, your first step is to pick the appropriate installation type.

The bathtub or shower product you choose should reflect it uses – and its users. Is it a destination for serene, relaxing soaks or the spot for active kids and busy adults to quickly get clean?  The answers will help you choose the bathtub that’s best for you.  

Alcove:  These installations are the most common. Typical new and remodel installations are usually 5 feet in width.  Various styles and types are available for most retro-fit installations.  

Remodel:  Many retro-fits require fitting into an already existing space.  Many units are available in 3-piece sections, allowing easy installation in remodel applications.

At MapleService retro-fit tub and shower installs are frequent.  A MapleService plumber can help you make the right choice for bathing and showering install.  Of course, you’ll also get expert information for the accompanying showering head(s)!

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As you design your kitchen or bath and choose the style of sink, there are several functionality options you’ll want to consider, especially since they may affect your faucet options.  First Consider the mounting application.  Depending on your new or existing counter, the mounting options are under mount, tile-in, self-rimming or wall-mount; to name a few.

Other considerations when choosing a bath, kitchen or utility sink are:

•    Number of faucet holes
•    Number of desired bowls
•    Type of faucet

Products are made of china, cast iron, fiberglass and steel.  

•    Moen
•    Kohler
•    Toto
•    Aquatic

• Replace older, less efficient toilets with 1.28-gallon High-Efficiency Toilets (HETs) to save up to 16,500 gallons of water per year.
• Swap out your 2.75 gpm showerhead with a 1.75 gpm water-conserving showerhead and you can save more than 7,700 gallons of water per year.
• Fix leaky faucets and install faucets with water-saving aerators to effortlessly save hundreds of gallons of water per year.
• Use the appropriate water level and load size on the washing machine when doing laundry.  Consider purchasing a front-end washing machine.
• Use a broom rather than a hose to clean off driveways, steps and sidewalks.
• Water your garden during the coolest part of the day, generally in the morning, and avoid watering on windy days.
• Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving to keep excess water from going down the drain.
• Landscape with native or low water plants to significantly reduce water usage outside the home.
• Use leftover water for houseplants instead of pouring out a half-empty glass of drinking water.
• Make sure the dishwasher is fully loaded to maximize the dishes cleaned in a cycle.