Sewer and Drain

All excess water or waste from a household is considered drain water.  Solids are black water, and non-solids are grey water.  Once used, all drain water immediately enters the household drainage disposal piping system.  As it exits the household drainage system, it enters the property sewer system.  Once past the property line, it finally enters the city, or municipality, main sewer system.  If installed and maintained according to Uniform Plumbing Code Standards, it is considered sanitary.





In order to remain sanitary, residential and commercial drainage and sewer systems require proper care and maintenance, or replacement.  
At Mapleservice our commitment is to protect the health of the communities we serve, by maintaining safe and sanitary sewer and drain systems for our customers.  Mapleservice plumbers provide sanitary drain and sewer systems in a variety of strategies.  


Professional drain cleaning
o Rooter and cable “snake” drain cleaning equipment
o Gas powered and electric “jetter” drain cleaning equipment
o Installation of appropriately located “access clean-outs” as required for maintenance.
Video Camera Inspection
o See the actual inside of your sewer line, and verify problem lines and locations
o Receive a CD file/DVD upon completion of the inspection
o Inspect lines of 2” and above
o Video inspection fee is waived upon verification and installation of a new sewer line.
Trenchless Sewer Line replacement
o Sewer line replacement without digging up landscape or driveway
o Pulls a new line through the existing line
o Lifetime guaranteed to prevent future root intrusion
o Free video inspection prior to replacement acceptance.
Conventional Sewer Line replacement
o When trenchless replacement is not possible
o Sewer line replacement using least intrusive equipment
o Lifetime guaranteed to prevent future root intrusion
o Free video inspection prior to replacement acceptance.
Sewer Lines Requiring Lift Pumps


Properties with an elevation lower than public sewer lines require the assistance of a lift pump.  The lift pump is located in a basin on the exterior of the property.  When the basin fills to a certain level, a float is activated, signaling the pump to empty the basin.  The pump pressure lifts the sewage via a pressure sewer lateral up to the public main sewer line.” 

If you’re sewer line does NOT flow downhill from your home, you’ve got a lift pump.  When it needs servicing, call Mapleservice.

Tric trenchless-technology
Hawthorn Video technology
Coast manufacturer rooter/cable drain cleaning equipment
Ridgid jetter drain cleaning equipment