Water Service Repairs & Backflow Certification


As California ages it becomes necessary to replace leaking galvanized water service lines from meters to the house.   At Mapleservice we’ve replaced countless water service lines.  A typical replacement takes about a day, and will guarantee a completely leak free water service line. 
Each replacement includes:
A new ¼ turn easy-turn shut-off at the house
Care for your yard/property
Precise location of under-concrete/sidewalk  leaks or failures
Replacement of concrete/sidewalks






Backflow prevention devices are required on all medical buildings and most commercial buildings.  The device prevents a reverse flow of water from private property back into the city water.  This can be caused from an unplanned water shut-off.  The backflow prevents any contamination from private water lines into city distribution.  Mapleservice plumbers are skilled at assessing your size requirements, and the installation of all backflow devices.
All backflows require periodic certification.  Certifying a backflow prevention device requires a CA approved testing person.  At Mapleservice we have 2 full-time, certified testers as part of our plumbing staff.  
At Mapleservice we’re absolutely committed to protecting the health of the communities we serve.  We take safe,  secure, and leak-free water distribution very seriously.